Daily Telephone Befriending Service Based In Birmingham
And Covering The Whole Of The UK.

Home to Home Calls is a daily telephone befriending service mainly for those who are socially isolated that works by carefully assigning each user with their own telephone befriender who provides friendly conversation and companionship on a regular basis over a period of time. The topics of discussion can range from a simple welfare check and medication reminder, to a discussion about their day, the weather or the news.

Our team of trained and vetted phone friends will offer daily social contact, welfare checks, medication management and general promotion of well-being to your loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Many care support services are available usually after a problem has arisen. Home To Home Calls provides a proactive telephone friendship service so as soon as anything was to go wrong you would be the first to find out.



Having a casual chit-chat or simply an update on a person’s day are some of the general conversations our callers and users talk about daily.



A daily pill reminder or upcoming doctor’s appointment to attend is always handy especially when the little things can easily slip a person’s mind.



A broken boiler, a delayed prescription or a fall in the garden. Concerns need not have to wait days or weeks to be noticed. We will report all concerns immediately to the next of kin or carer responsible.



Peace Of Mind For Carers Going away for a week or two but are concerned with leaving a loved one behind with no help or support? We can provide a daily check-up service which has all the same attributes as our normal service.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, is an evidence-based peer intervention for people with mild to moderate dementia. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy benefits cognitive function, quality of life, well-being, communication and social interaction.

Home To Home Calls incorporates Cognitive Stimulation Therapy within our daily friendship calls to provide a streamlined natural flow of conversation and personal support. Our trained coordinators will personalise themed telephone therapy based around, family, life stories, sounds/music, childhood and current affairs that aim to provide stimulation for thinking, concentration and memory.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy has official recognition and has been incorporated into the United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines as the only non-drug therapy for early dementia and cognitive function.