Companionship with Home To Home Calls

At Home To Home Calls our befriending speciality is telephone befriending. However we also do various other forms of befriending (Mainly in the West Midlands) that generally consists of home visits and support within the community, email befriending, group befriending and letter befriending.

All of our befrienders are DBS checked and speak a variety of different languages such as English, Polish and Urdu. 

List of Befriending Services

* Day to Day House Support for Elders

* Days Out and Befriending

* Shopping

* Prescription and Medicine Collections

* Home from Hospital Support

* Many More……


Grandmother and granddaughter. Happy family.


Pricing for Face to Face Befriending

Weekly 30 Minute Visit                        £12

Weekly 1 Hour Visit                              £20

Respite Sitter 2 Hours                          £30

Respite Sitter 3 Hours                          £45

Respite Sitter 4 Hours                          £60

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 Benefits of Befriending

  • It provides a friendly face.

  • Users remain independent in their own homes for longer which reduces the need for extra care services and potential hospital after care.

  • Increased positivity and self esteem through constant social interaction can reduce the knock on effects of loneliness and increase the uptake of other beneficial care services.

Portrait of smiling daughter embracing mother at campsite

  • Personal liability of failing to notice a death or serious injury within a person’s home is eliminated as the individual is monitored daily. Any concerns or failure to respond to our service will prompt a visit from the designated carer/support worker/next of kin/police.

  • Carers gain an element of peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are well even when they are not around, reducing the strain of carer support or extra interventions.

  • A wellbeing record can be composed which monitors the user over a period of time. This can be used as evidence for support or reduction of the need of other services.

  • Early detection of potential personal harm, damage to property or being unable to cope