The Christmas ideal is to sit around a heavily bedazzled tree, or heftily set dinner table with every member of our family and friendship circles. But the truth is, many of us don’t meet or fulfil that ideal. Many of us wind up feeling lonely, isolated and disillusioned because of our lack of lack of close friendships or family members. We spend Christmas alone. For many of us Christmas becomes not a time of celebration, but of dread and depression.

The truth is, spending time alone is feared because no one knows how to be alone anymore. This is because when we are alone we have to face ourselves, our thoughts, and the irrepressible truth that we are alone, deep down. So we have learned to run from ourselves, and in the process, forget the delights of solitude.

Fortunately, Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate time alone with yourself. Home To Home Calls wants to share a list of enjoyable ideas to savour Christmas alone.

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Things to Do By Yourself

  1. Spend the morning in self deprivation, and spend the evening in self indulgence.
  2. Recreate outer space. Decorate your room with Christmas lights, and turn out all the lights.
  3. Take a road trip to a place you’ve never been before.
  4. Have a conversation with yourself all day.
  5. Compose your own Christmas carol.
  6. Give yourself the gift of silence. Block out all noises and distractions and do what matters to you the most.
  7. Sing karaoke to your favourite songs and dance around until you collapse from exhaustion.
  8. Try to set a world record, and email Guinness World Records when you achieve it.
  9. Give your face and body a makeover.
  10. Contemplate your biggest flaw and 15 ways to overcome it.
  11. Think of one guilty interest (e.g. crystal healing for the sceptic) and spend the day exploring your curiosity.
  12. Spend Christmas planting a ‘Christmas Garden’.
  13. Look at yourself from a third person perspective all day.  Think of yourself as a fly on your own wall.
  14. Do 3 good deeds that will make you happy.
  15. Spend Christmas researching new hobbies and interests to broaden your mind, and world.
  16. Create a fort or cave out of pillows and bed sheets, and spend the day inside doing what you love best.
  17. Make your own Christmas decorations by hand, and cover your house in them.
  18. Pretend you are the actor and director of your day.  Make it movie worthy.
  19. Sit outside and eat your favourite food slowly, savouring every bite in complete mindfulness.
  20. Go to your local park and soak in the sights, smells and sounds of Christmas day.  Feel the happy vibes.
  21. Cook yourself something you think the Queen would eat, and enjoy it all to yourself.
  22. Have a movie marathon.
  23. If you have a pet, give it a special present.  Treat your companion like royalty.
  24. Open a map of your town, close your eyes, and point to a place on the map.  Drive or walk there, and see what you find.
  25. Take a walk in the late afternoon to smell all the delicious food emanating from your neighbourhood’s houses. Guess what they’re cooking.
  26. Collect items that represent your feelings and thoughts about Christmas day. Put them in a time capsule box and bury them in your garden.
  27. Spend the morning researching the history of Christmas. Spend the evening creating a YouTube video about what you discovered.
  28. Think about what you loved to do as a kid that you don’t do anymore, and do it. E.g. if it was taking bubble baths, whip out your bath crystals!
  29. Make your day more humorous. Watch comedy, laugh at people and yourself, and look for reasons why the things you take seriously are comedic.
  30. Think of every reason why you enjoy being alone for the entire day.
  31. Reassess your daily routine and 20 alternative ways to do what you normally do. Put them in practice.
  32. Do 5 things that are silly or ridiculous to you and see if you get any life epiphanies.
  33. Use the day to achieve something important. E.g. write a whole blog post, get to level 22 on your game, and solve 50 riddles.
  34. Spend the day painting your impression of Christmas day and stick it on your front door.
  35. Nurture yourself for the whole day. Give yourself hugs, write yourself a poem, and compose a list of everything you love about yourself.
  36. If it’s snowing, sneak out early in the morning and make a family of Christmas men, positioning them mysteriously all over town.

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